Tips and ideas

This page provides links to some of my posts that incorporate specific tips and ideas relevant to time management.

Prime time

A brief reflection on what I consider my prime time each day in terms of focus and productivity: 9 am.

How I make time to write

A list of strategies that help me make more time to write.

Reframe your words to boost success

I discuss ways to adopt a so-called Growth Mindset to increase follow through.

On time

I reflect on how some people approach time management very differently from me. And it’s all good.

Music to my ears

A brief reflection on what happens when I spend time, even reluctantly, on what matters most.

Writing in the flow

I discuss the concept of flow.

Yield days

Sometimes, I benefit from giving myself permission to let go of some of my daily goals.

Run towards the work

When you have a lot to do, sometimes the smartest strategy is to dig in.