Writing Process

 A guilty habit of many writers is to spend time reading and writing about writing. I am no different! I also love to take part in nanowrimo, so many of the posts from Novembers will have something to do with that annual event.

25,477 words

Happy (almost) halfway through November–I just wanted to peek in again today to say hoorah because I have passed the 25,000 word count for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month). I know the word counts don’t really matter, but I have found that I need to celebrate any win I can get as a writer, andContinue reading “25,477 words”

4142 words

Just wanted to peek in here for a minute to give a shout out to anyone else participating in Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month). It’s day two, and I’ve drafted the first 4000 words of a new novel. November is my favorite month because working on the novel gets to be my top priority, whichContinue reading “4142 words”

Speaking Up

I have so much I want to write for this blog, but I have been holding back. Sometimes, it is because there is a topic about which I feel so much anger and outrage (so many reasons for this lately, especially today), yet I don’t want anger to cause my words to miss my goal,Continue reading “Speaking Up”


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