I have discovered that if I am not immersed in novel-writing, I am very cranky. Be glad that you are reading this online and not hanging out with me right now. I’m getting on my own nerves.

What I find ironic is that when I am in the midst of novel-writing, I long to be free to dabble on whatever I wish. Technically, that’s where I am right now. As I seek feedback on my novel, I have time to explore, to work on short fiction, to build my blog, to tweet, to research markets, etc. It turns out none of these small actions are especially calming, nor are they less time-consuming than the novel. I also find it daunting to decide what is top priority. When I work on a novel, it’s easy, and I save my prime hours (or minutes, as the case may be) for the novel. Indeed, any other goal for the day waits until I work on the novel.

I don’t have that same focus right now, and it’s making me terribly irritable. I have plenty to do, but apparently I’m not a fan of plenty.

I know, I know. This concern is very low on the long list of Things Deserving Concern right now. My goal is to seek a rhythm and routine that might help me surf through my shifting priorities.

Published by camaduke

Reader. Writer. I love to read and write. A bit of a time management nerd. camaduke.com.

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