On time.

Some friends do not approach time management as I do. I try to control time by getting in front of it, structuring it, protecting it, prioritizing it. As best as I can tell, they control time by denying its existence for as long as possible. If they arrive late to an event, it is not, as it is for me, a failure in time management but a victory—they squeezed out more time for something they’d rather do at that moment. It is not necessarily that they don’t want to do whatever else they were supposed to do, but that they love not giving in until the last minute.

It is an approach that would drive me crazy, and has occasionally driven me crazy as someone on the receiving end of it, but I admit that there is a richness to the way they approach their lives that is sometimes missing from my much more structured approach.

Hmm. Note to self. Slow down. Embrace the richness of this moment now.

Okay, my self immediately answers. As long as I won’t be late.

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Reader. Writer. I love to read and write. A bit of a time management nerd. camaduke.com.

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