Yes, it’s a mess.

So for day two of Nanowrimo, I am digging back into my drafts and notes for my series, and I am still overwhelmed by how much there is. And also, alas, by how much isn’t there. I wonder why I always think I have written far more than I actually have? My memory claims I have written a full draft, yet when I reread it (in this case months later) I find only hints and gestures.

The good news is that I discovered notes for at least one novel for the series that I haven’t even started, so I will work on it this month to embrace the joy of first draft writing in addition to my so-called rogue goals related to revision. Unfortunately, revision may not be the right word. Verbs related to cleaning would be more appropriate. It’s a mess right now, but I’m going in.

Thank you to Nanowrimo for my image for today’s blog.

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