Voting matters.

It’s a lovely fall day with more colors on the trees than the forecasters had promised. And I have been trying to articulate something to myself, something about embracing hope rather than fear, a belief in abundance in opportunity, abundance in possibilities. I want to envision a cultural space in which there is room for all of us. A space where we understand that we need everyone and that everyone matters.

Next week is the U.S. midterm election. In online spaces, I frequently encourage people to vote because I consider it one of the most important responsibilities we have. I am sappy about the idea of democracy. And, for that matter, justice, peace, and ethical behavior. So I hope anyone reading this blog who can vote next week has done so or will do so on Tuesday.

The results of this election may give me reason to hope or reason to fear. I cannot change that. But I know this: I will still be here, and so will you. I will still exist. I will still stand for what I believe in. When necessary, I will call out cruelty, hatred, and indifference to suffering. Whenever possible, I want to embrace kindness and compassion, even the radical notion of treating everyone with respect.

I hope you will, too.

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