Daily Blend

Since my ability to monitor calories, let alone restrict them, is more limited than I’d like to admit (my Fitness Pal app seems to average 1-2 days of records per month), I am experimenting, again, with the strategy of stopping eating at 6:30 pm each day. As a part of this goal, I am ending the day with a smoothie made with the Magic Bullet blender, which I was told is better than a blender, though I have no idea why that would be. I pretend it is true, that micronutrients are better than nutrients because there are more syllables. I also, more or less, let the smoothie replace my evening meal.

Last night as I threw together a blend, it occurred to me there were parallels between what I was putting in the mixer and my mood in response to the daily march of bad news. I added the healthy stuff first—fresh pineapple and spinach, frozen blueberries and strawberries, a tablespoon of chia seeds, and 3 ounces of oat milk. But then I added lemonade—a dose of acid after hearing the man in charge of justice in this country prevaricate on behalf of a man who thinks he is king. It made the smoothie sickeningly sweet, the tang of mendacity. The excess sugar immediately counteracts the health benefits of the smoothie. Undermining our health makes sense as the prevaricators, that is, stock investors parading as elected officials, fight to keep power so we won’t accidentally save the planet, which must not be good for the quarterly reports. Since their sole concern is not truth nor, apparently, national sovereignty, but boosting their own stock portfolios and future employment opportunities, they only need to live a quarter of a year longer… or so I must conclude from their actions.

So this smoothie need not provide long life.

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