Here’s why

This week, I’ve been volunteering to help get out the vote for Democrats. Here’s why…

Because we need sensible people to face challenges such as inflation, those who know employment, education, and accessible healthcare are good for families and good for the economy; 

Because Democrats have already passed major legislation designed to boost our infrastructure and economy and to begin to address ongoing climate change;

Because there’s still more to do, especially when the playing field is constantly shifting, such as global disruptions due to new Covid variants and the horrors of Putin’s genocidal war in Europe;

Because when there is rarely a single fix and problems evolve, we need the Democrats who stay open to finding solutions and pursuing measured responses;

Because the Republican Party is now dominated by people who don’t try to fix anything but prefer to complain and produce mindless clickbait;

Because it is under the Republicans that the economy crashed (twice);

Because the Republicans demonize their opponents to the point of inciting violence;

Because the Republicans seek to deny access to healthcare and cut Social Security and Medicare;

Because we have to reject their lies, violence, and reckless incompetence.

Vote for Democrats up and down the ballot. 

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