A few ways I argue with myself before writing on my blog

*Someone somewhere has already written something similar but better.

Yes, AND so can I. This is not a competition (at least, it isn’t for me). And I believe each one of us has the potential to bring something unique and specific when we join these ongoing conversations. AND sometimes we just have to work some of the same concerns out in writing more than once, and that is okay. No one gets hurt if what I write isn’t the best possible and most original take of all time. Perfection is boring (to say the least).

*What I want to write today doesn’t fit neatly with anything I’ve written before. Aren’t I supposed to have some kind of monolithic platform of topics that I stick to?

No. No, I don’t. But I do feel awkward that the shifts in topic are awkward for someone else to read. I have to get over that. I mean, I don’t go around judging other people for having multiple interests and shifting moods. I prefer that. I also know how to stop reading if a topic doesn’t interest me. I can only hope other readers know how to do this if it happens with one of my posts (or all of my posts, sorry about that).

What I write isn’t timely enough. Or somehow it’s yesterday’s news.

All I can do is roll my eyes at this because one of the most damaging trends in U.S. society is this “breaking news” addiction that suggests if it isn’t new, it doesn’t matter. OMG. Some of the most horrifying things ever aren’t new at all, and we still need to learn from them. Plus, because it can’t all be gloom or doom these days or the bullies win, some things are just interesting and funny for me at the moment when they are interesting and funny to me, and why should I give up my joy just because of an imagined reader or critic operating under some kind of time limit for their ability to care?

I hate to be wrong or misguided.

Sure, work on not being wrong or misguided. But what’s that cliche about breaking a lot of eggs to make an omelette? That is, I may have to make some mistakes and learn from them by writing anyway than never write for fear of making a mistake. I believe I can learn and get better, and for my own sanity, I want to believe that is true for everyone else.

Anyway, this is just a sample of what delays me in writing or posting, and I am working on it, and I hope you are, too. Write on.

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