And yes, I am a little mad, thank you for asking.

In the early stages of a pregnancy, abortion is a form of contraception—the prevention of an unwanted pregnancy. In some cases, it is an assisted miscarriage for an unviable or life-threatening pregnancy. In later stages of pregnancy, it is a form of healthcare used only to address an unviable or life-threatening pregnancy.

Limiting access to healthcare endangers lives. Pregnancy and childbirth are risky, life-threatening conditions that can last up to ten months. It is unconscionable to force this condition on anyone. Similarly, the decision to abort should not be forced upon anyone. Healthcare decisions are complex, best assessed by the patient and healthcare providers who understand these nuances.

Today’s Supreme Court ruling denies our citizens reasonable access to critical healthcare, based on arguments that are spurious and disingenuous. This ruling will inflict sweeping damage on our country, and it raises grave doubts about the ability of this current court majority to properly fulfill their roles. This ruling reads, frankly, like hollow statements crafted by radicalized zealots incapable of mustering anything that might resemble logic, insight, or the rule of law.

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