Sunlight Press!

Screenshot from web zine

I am excited to say that Sunlight Press just published a flash fiction piece I wrote called All-Star. I wrote it many years ago in an online flash fiction workshop taught by Pamelyn Casto. Funny, or perhaps typical story: I wrote it based on a starting line provided by a writing contest, but when I workshopped the story with the group, they liked everything except the starting line, so I cut the first line and never submitted it to the contest.

If you are curious, you can read my short short at this link:

Sunlight Press is a lovely online magazine, so I encourage you to check it out in general. I have enjoyed the stories and poetry I’ve read on there, and I know some of you may want to consider submitting your writing to them, too. Give it a peek:

I actually found out about this online literary magazine from Pamelyn Casto’s helpful newsletter on flash fiction markets. She’s switching systems from the apparently vanishing yahoo groups, but once she has her new system set, I’ll share that information here in case you’re interested in signing up for it.

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