Writing goals this week

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I am in a mood to talk through my writing goals today. At a writer’s group gathering yesterday, it became clear that I’m not the only one for whom the writing process includes time spent interpreting then overcoming feelings of doubt and time spent trying to choose which project to tackle first.

Hmm. Seems to me I’m about to do a bit of both today.

First, I have decided to work the rest of this month on nonfiction content related to time management strategies. I currently have a little e-book out that unpacks information that was helpful to my college students, but I think it needs a little tweaking in order to engage a casual reader and to work as an e-book. I am wondering whether I should unpublish it and start new, or revise it, even if the revision may be quite different from the original. I haven’t yet decided which answer I prefer, but the good news is that I don’t have to decide that right now, the joy of self-publishing, I guess. Instead, I want to devote time to work on the revision and some related projects to see what emerges. I often experience some doubts about dedicating time to this project, but the truth is I like thinking about and talking about time management, and I want to experiment with self-publishing. And once I feel more confident about the final product, I could finally try a few strategies-that-don’t-make-my-skin-crawl to promote it. Maybe ;).

My other priority will be to make sure I am ready for November, when I will work on fleshing out an initial draft of a SF YA book. My hope is that I will have made tons of progress on the nonfiction ideas so that I can devote myself to my nanowrimo project.

Last year I set a goal to blog daily during nanowrimo, which was a lot of fun, actually, so I may try to do something similar this year.

So cross your fingers for a productive rest of the month! I would hate to manage my time poorly while writing about time management.

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