Shoulder woes

This morning when I would have preferred to be writing my morning blog post, short, specific… all those goals I blathered on about yesterday… I was instead seated on the edge of a black rolling chair as an orthopedic PA stabbed a needle into the top of my shoulder. All this because my physical therapist said such a treatment might accelerate my progress in overcoming a strained rotator cuff muscle in my left shoulder, a matching set to my not-painful-anymore-but-pretty-frozen right shoulder. Accelerate is such a tempting word. I know too well that I need to celebrate slow progress in life rather than reach for quick fixes. I know this. Still, the prospect of putting on shirts without grimacing was so tempting.

And, as they say, no pain, no gain. I wish whoever they are would stop saying that. It’s not very comforting. No pain was what I wanted to gain.

Most of the day since then has been spent icing, medicating, and seeking creative ways to position my left arm that aren’t super annoying. So scratch off most of my goals for the day.

Good news. Sorta. My shoulder hurts less, almost back to its normal state of discomfort, so I am here whining, I mean, blogging, but not quite on the topic I intended. I will save it for tomorrow, and hope you all will treat your shoulders better than I have. I suspect that ignoring my posture and spending too much time in front of computers might have played a role. Just a guess.

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