Revision redux

After gathering some encouraging and helpful feedback on my novel and engaging in extensive research into the query process, I have decided it’s time to revise, not query. It was an easy decision to make because the only part of the writing process I dread more than revising is submitting my work. So it’s a win-win.

I have decided to use this blog as an accountability partner for me to report periodically on my progress, just in case I lose momentum. I am hoping I won’t. It is starting that is hardest for me, not the actual work. Before I start revising, I tend to view it as not writing and therefore not good. Once I get moving, I remember that revising IS writing, and it can be quite joyful. Or it will inspire me to make a fresh pot of coffee. Again, win-win.

My revision goals:
1. Shift from three storylines/protagonists to one. I think this will make the book more accessible to readers. It will also make it easier to query and find comps.
2. Commit to writing the book only in third person limited and past tense. The current version is more experimental, switching not just between p.o.v. but also tense. That was very fun for me as the writer, but might not be so fun for a reader, and at some point, I have to let the reader win.
3. Identify and, if necessary, tighten the arc of each scene.

Those are changes I believe I can make. With luck, I will find other ways to strengthen this novel in the process.

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4 thoughts on “Revision redux

  1. I love reading and I run a book club just with a few friends. We tend to choose books randomly but try to appeal to all tastes. I think our most difficult books to read have been those with far too many characters to follow so it becomes difficult to get emotionally involved with any of them. Plus one book we read, we all found ourselves writing notes just so we could keep up with all the plots going on, which took the enjoyment out of it somewhat.

    Good luck with your writing, I looking forward to reading about your progress. Lx

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