Small steps you can take to save the planet

Inspired by David Wallace-Wells’ op-ed in the New York Timesfear-panic-climate-change-warming.html

  • Set up a bin for recycling next to your trash can so it will be super easy to toss that aluminum can in the right spot. While you are at it, call your representatives to tell them to support H.R. 1 to make voting just as convenient.
  • Walk and bike more often than you drive. Explore video conferencing options rather than fly to a regional meeting. While you are it, support candidates who aren’t afraid to talk about alternative forms of transportation.
  • Try eating less meat and more vegetables and fruit. After this satisfying meal, go vote for candidates who don’t have trouble pronouncing the word “science.”
  • When you shop, look for labels that say… oh forget it, just vote for people who have effective comprehensive plans to address climate change so we don’t have to lose our freaking minds worrying about every single thing we do.

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