What I love about writing, ranked.


1. Write a first draft and not give a flying $#@& about how bad it is.
2. Read about writing.
3. Read books that I don’t want to put down.
4. Encourage others who like to write.
5. Brainstorm.
6. Buy as many books as my budget will allow, then take full advantage of local libraries.
7. Use cool writing apps.
8. Find new writing apps that do almost the exact same thing that my current apps do, but have the advantage of being new.
9. Buy updated versions of the writing apps I already own because, you know.
10. Blog when I have a good idea that’s fun to write about.
11. Think about blogging about the apps I love but then worry that I will encourage other writers to waste their time when I know they really don’t need help with that.
12. Tweet when I find something to tweet about, ideally after I’ve taken time to make sure that it probably won’t be misinterpreted (or worse, correctly interpreted) as unintentionally inappropriate. Please note that I am fine, sorta, with intentionally inappropriate.

…. (the list goes on) …

300. Receive negative feedback from one person on a piece of writing, though if I later figure out how that feedback can improve my writing, this action will rise in the ranking.
301. Revise my writing, but when I succeed in improving my writing, this, too, will rise in the ranking.

… (the list goes on) …

572. Re-organize my drawers as a way to take a break from writing.

… (the list goes on) …

715. Attend a craft talk by someone who is arrogant and condescending.

… (the list goes on) …

1239. Submit my work for publication anywhere.

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Reader. Writer. I love to read and write. A bit of a time management nerd. camaduke.com.

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