5k to go

Only five thousand words to go to reach the 50,000 word goal for National Novel Writing Month. Of course, I only have three days to go, so I guess that makes sense.

This round of Nanowrimo has felt different both because of my commitment to blog daily and because I have been engaging in a hybrid approach to my Nanowrimo work, generating words, ideas, and revisions to the existing bits and pieces that make up my SF series. While I will have nothing readable after the month ends, I have gained far more insight and fodder into the world and plots of this series than I expected. And blogging every day has given me insight into what this blog might become, even if it might not be there yet.

Typically, my thoughts are now on December goals. I am looking forward to not feeling guilt if I don’t post on the blog every day. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I want to read more in December, so perhaps that will be the focus of the blog then. I will still make time every day to work on my SF series, but my focus won’t be on counting words or clocking my effort but just engaging with whatever makes sense to unpack or revise or draft anew. I hope to take my time rather than race ahead as I have been this month.

Who knows? It could work.

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