Halfway Point

15 days: 15 blog posts and 21k+ words on the novel

So we are halfway through Nanowrimo, and I am making good progress on my novel/series. A series set in a future filled with alien interactions and advanced technology is, probably by definition, unwieldy. But so much fun. I may not be racing ahead, but I am getting a grip on how to move forward. So that’s good.

Wisely or not, I also set a goal this month to post in my blog every day. This has been more challenging than I expected because I know how to phone it in with my daily NaNoWriMo goals, writing anything to make progress, but it is new for me to share my writing daily. One especially busy day found me at 10 pm (my bed time!) trying to come up with something I was willing to post, and I had multiple stops and starts before I settled on something. Late at night has never been prime time for me in terms of writing, so that was a good lesson to learn: Blog earlier in the day.

Posting daily on the blog has been very positive because I am feeling far more immersed in the writing life than I did when I was *just* working on my fiction every day. Posting on the blog involves a compressed round of writing stages—brainstorm, compose, revise, edit, publish. And there’s the huge perk that by engaging more in the blog, I am discovering how WordPress connects me with other writers in a flexible yet supportive atmosphere. Very cool.

Historically, participating in NaNoWriMo always improves my mood. I get to do what I most love (write), I get to celebrate progress without enduring the risk of negative feedback on my writing (ha!), and I know I am not alone in this otherwise lonely venture.

Blogging during this month has added a new layer to this experience in ways I did not expect.

For both, I am grateful.

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