Clear eyes

My husband had eye surgery (cataracts) today, and it turned into an all day event, with no time to write one of the blog posts I had in mind.

We returned home with just a half hour before we had to leave for our daughter’s sports banquet. He was groggy and sore enough to be justified in bailing out. But he came, eye patch and all. Which did provide some fun for me as people who know us would sidle up to me to ask, “Did Frank have eye surgery?” Although the smart aleck within wanted to say, “What do you mean?” I instead said yes, yes he did.

But it isn’t the eye patch that I am thinking of tonight but the way he didn’t even hesitate when I asked if he still wanted to come. Showing up for our kids is what he does. Always.

Feels like my vision got a little better today, too.

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