Journaling as a tool for fiction-writing

Writing in my journal is almost a daily practice for me. Almost. At any rate, it comes easily.

This may explain how journaling has become a boost to my fiction writing process. Sometimes I journal right before I start to work on my fiction. I might set goals for what I want to write, kvetch about how I don’t feel like writing but I need to do it, or write about (or around) what I want to write. Little of this makes for interesting reading, but it almost always accelerates my transition into the actual work.

Sometimes I journal after I’ve worked on my fiction, something I call process writing. I reflect on what’s working, or what’s not, and I usually articulate a few next steps for the work.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m trying to post on this blog each day this month while I also work towards the NaNoWriMo goal of 50,000 words by the end of November. So some of that pre- or post-writing process is leaking into this blog, and I may just have to let that happen because there is only so much I can draw from the well. (Or is there? Good question). At any rate, I thought I’d share this strategy since it has been helpful to me, and I know there are others out there in the blog-scape who are nano-ing, too.

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