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I have neglected my blog for almost two months. It is not that I haven’t had anything to write. I continue to collect ideas and fragments, though some cut too deep for me to unpack, let alone post here. Eventually, some of them will be ready. Eventually, I will be ready.

It’s been a tough couple of months. On the upside, I have made significant progress on my novel. Circumstances have not allowed… so much is tucked away in those words, but that is as much truth as I can reveal right now… circumstances have not allowed me to write daily. But I have written often, and if I return to my earlier novel-writing metaphor as one of striving to reach the other shore, I have written enough of what I needed to write that I feel as if I can touch the shore.

Yet the water here is filled with lily pads. Steady rowing matters less than careful navigation, even retracing my steps. I am moving in and out of the surface of the work itself, trying to make sense of word choices and omissions. I have made the journey to complete the story but now must ask myself hard questions about how I choose to tell it.

Those circumstances that did not permit me to write daily have included some rough patches. But there is always something renewing about spending time writing. The writing always helps.

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