Rowing Forward

I am making steady progress, working through revisions of the (currently) 52 scenes of my novel.

I’ve been here before. I’ve worked through most of these scenes several times now. Currently, most of the scenes have notes attached to them with changes to make. The final scenes need massive changes, which is a bit daunting to consider, but I’m not there yet.

Once I do make it to the end, I have to start again. Indeed, I have already added notes to scenes I just finished revising, as well as a list of goals for the next “write through.”

I love that I still generate fresh ideas or see ways to address a gap, even if sometimes I am shocked to realize what is still missing after so many revisions.

The image comes to mind of a rowing crew. Row forward then pull back, forward then back. Push, push, push forward. A repetition, a cycle, that nonetheless represents progress.

three people on brown canoe sailing on calm water

The shore is still so far away. It helps if I don’t pay too much attention to the finish line. Forward then back, forward then back. I just need to work on the task at hand. And then another. And again. And again.

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