Podcasts I recommend

vintage-music-business-shop.jpgI mention my addiction to podcasts in my time management book, so I thought you might be curious to know what I’m listening to. My favorite right now is Pod Save the People. I feel as if this podcast keeps me aware of what gets hidden or lost in typical news coverage. Deray Mckesson also starts off with such wise advice that I would quote to everyone daily if they’d let me, words of comfort and insight to help anyone get through the week. While the topics covered in this podcast are relevant to anyone committed to democracy and justice, my historical novel is set during the 1898 race massacre in Wilmington, NC, so their discussions help me become more sensitive to some of the nuances then and now. I enjoy most of the offerings of the Crooked Media, for that matter.

I have also fallen hard for the podcasts offered by Book Riot, especially Hey YA because they provide a lively crash course on trends in different genres, filling in gaps where I haven’t had the chance to read as much as I might like and giving me ideas (sometimes too many) of books I will add to my reading list.

I have dabbled with other podcasts, but those are the ones that I am making time for right now. As I mention in my book, I use the podcasts to motivate me to exercise, since I am (usually) only allowed to listen to them when I work out or go for a walk.

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