Sample weekly plans

Weekly plans are a time management tool in which you plan out your ideal budget for how you would like to allocate your time for the week. You do not have to follow the plan exactly, but it can help you take advantage of your prime times and aid in prioritizing what to do when. Another term for the weekly plan is “master weekly schedule.”

The following are samples just to give you an idea of how one might plan out a week’s routine to boost success. The demands on your time may be quite different from these samples, regardless of how I label them. You can access a blank grid to fill out to suit your preferences on this page.

Here is a sample weekly plan for a college student. In black ink are the activities that are not flexible, such as classes or work hours. In purple are the flexible activities that the student wishes to tackle at that time. It is good to have some empty space on this schedule for down time or to tackle the unexpected.


Next is a possible weekly plan for a college adviser.

advisor weekly plan

This next one is a plan for a college faculty member who wishes to protect mornings for writing and research.

faculty weekly plan

Please note that blank spaces do not mean “do nothing.” They represent flexible time that does not need to be scheduled for one specific activity. In some cases, these blank spaces are a resource when you can catch up on work. Or well-deserved down time.

If you have children, you likely have fewer blank spaces in your schedule. For this last sample, this schedule is for someone who works a full-time job that is consistent during work hours, so no need to designate routines for the time at work, but the person wants to use time outside of work to develop a hobby or side business. This person also has children.

day job side venture kids



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