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Time management

My 2nd edition of Time Management: The Basics is now available on  In this version, I provide short passages to help readers consider, implement, and reflect on small changes that may boost their overall success with time management. This version is tailored to work more effectively as an e-book and is geared for a general audience. I recommend you read about one strategy once a week,  try the strategy throughout the week, then end the week by writing a reflection in response to the reflection prompt.

In my now unpublished first edition, I provided a few samples of images of weekly plans and other time management tools. Those are not in the second edition but instead can be found on this site. I will add more to this site as inspiration strikes. Or if you have any specific topics you’d like me to address, please contact me through the contact form on this site, which you can find here.

Sample weekly plans

This page includes several sample weekly plans so you can see how one might budget time for a typical week.

Blank weekly grid

This page offers a blank grid that you can print and download to fill out for yourself, if you wish.

Tips and ideas

This page provides links to some of my posts related time management.

Link to preview of my e-book

The above link should bring you to a preview of my e-book, in case you are curious.