Time management

Check out my short e-book on Amazon.com called Time Management: The Basics. The first two sections walks through tools and ways of tweaking your schedule. The second two sections provide strategies and hints that may help.

I confess, the abbreviation YMMV is so applicable to time management: Your mileage may vary. But sometimes it helps to check to see what is working and where change is possible.

If you haven’t embraced digital tools or the lovely bullet journaling options, here are some blank PDF tools you might try or adapt for your own purposes:

A blank weekly grid to create your plan for a typical week: Blank weekly grid

Here’s a version that lists every hour of every day: new version of blank weekly grid

A sample weekly grid for a college student. This is a way to budget time and can aid in creating habits that make it easier to stay on track. I share samples for a few other professions in my e-book, too: full hours sample student week 

A place to keep track of your goals for today: to do list Today

A place to keep track of your goals for the rest of the week, including ones you decide not to do today. Note that I prefer to set a “do date.” That is, I don’t recommend completing work on the due date, so be strategic in identifying what day you wish to tackle the task. to do list this week

A place for goals you like but have no idea when you will tackle them: to do list someday

A list of wise reminders–goals to keep in mind every day, such as stretch or take deep breaths or speak from a place of kindness: wise reminders

And one more version of the weekly grid with half hours shown as shading. Click weekly grid for the pdf version.

weekly grid