Tech Stan

I have to admit, I am a sucker for cool apps and various technology toys. I don’t believe they are necessary to live a full and meaningful life, nor are they ever worth spending more money than someone can afford. For that reason, I have hesitated to share my enthusiasm on my blog… except I have to admit, I really appreciate it when other bloggers share their experiences with different apps and technology that I am considering buying. So I am going to blog, occasionally, on apps and tech that I enjoy, but I will always start with the caveat that if you aren’t sure you can afford it right now, I am confident you don’t need it. You may never need it. Also, the fact that I am a “Tech Stan” (fan of all things tech) does not change the fact that there are many risks we face as individuals and as democracies due to corrupt or illicit uses of digital technology.

On this page, I am gathering the blog posts I have already written, and as I write more, I will add links here, too. I may also add links to important articles or other news related to the risks of technology.


I have written twice on Corkulous. In one post, I discuss the app in general, and in the other, I share how I used the app for developing character charts for my novel.


Scrivener is my favorite app for novel writing, and frankly, it’s the reason I switched to Apple products. Which, in the end, seems to be a good thing. At least so far.