A few lessons I (may) have learned about Twitter

I am still pretty new to Twitter. In terms of time management tips, I still advise limiting how much time you spend on any social media site, avoiding angry back-and-forth arguments, especially since they might be with ‘bots (who are almost as hard to persuade as our fellow human beings), and following what I call curators, insightful people whose information you trust.

However, I recently began using Twitter as a place to connect to other writers, which, by the way, has also been a pleasant part of blogging on WordPress. So I have changed my approach to following, preferring to follow people who follow me, as long as they aren’t scary in some way.

At the same time, something else happened. I discovered Lists.

Lists allow me to sort people on Twitter into groups and view just the posts for that group. For example, I have one list of people I know personally so I can now be sure to see their posts.

I have also created a group of curators. Here’s something else worth knowing about Lists: I don’t have to follow the person to place them on the List. So I have un-followed most of the curators who don’t really need me as one of their thousands or millions of followers. Since curators appropriately get upset about all the terrible events in the world, I can now choose to view this list when I feel ready.

I can also save my follows for people who might benefit from the follow.  For some of the people I’m following now, it helps us not feel quite so alone as we work on writing and experiment with an online presence. By limiting my followers to people I know, a few select curators, and fellow writers, my first view on Twitter is now more positive and relatable than it was when I mostly followed the curators.

I even created a list for agents, who I don’t want to follow because it might seem pushy to show up as a follower. (For the record, I only follow Laura Zats of Print Run because she deserves a blue checkmark. There ya go, Laura. I’m sure this will do the trick :).)

Stay tuned. As I spend more time on Twitter, I may find more reasons to regret it or strategies to value it. Do you have any tricks that make it a better space for you?

Progress Report

aquatic plants floating leaves plant

Photo by Scott Webb on Pexels.com

I have neglected my blog for almost two months. It is not that I haven’t had anything to write. I continue to collect ideas and fragments, though some cut too deep for me to unpack, let alone post here. Eventually, some of them will be ready. Eventually, I will be ready.

It’s been a tough couple of months. On the upside, I have made significant progress on my novel. Circumstances have not allowed… so much is tucked away in those words, but that is as much truth as I can reveal right now… circumstances have not allowed me to write daily. But I have written often, and if I return to my earlier novel-writing metaphor as one of striving to reach the other shore, I have written enough of what I needed to write that I feel as if I can touch the shore.

Yet the water here is filled with lily pads. Steady rowing matters less than careful navigation, even retracing my steps. I am moving in and out of the surface of the work itself, trying to make sense of word choices and omissions. I have made the journey to complete the story but now must ask myself hard questions about how I choose to tell it.

Those circumstances that did not permit me to write daily have included some rough patches. But there is always something renewing about spending time writing. The writing always helps.