photo of treadmills

Back on the treadmill

I don’t spend as much time listening to podcasts as a glimpse of my podcast library might suggest. At times, I feel as if I have as many “must listens” in terms of podcast episodes as I have “to be read” books on my shelf. Unlike my TBRs, I will sometimes rebel and delete the episodes just to say, okay, I give up. I don’t have time to listen to them all. But I still care about (fill-in-the-blank issue).

Still, I have been getting on the treadmill a bit more often lately, an activity that makes my mind go, “Oh, not this again, please distract me, please,” so I find a podcast episode. Watching television shows or movies is not an option for me because they are so time-consuming and I don’t want to risk getting addicted, but if it’s not addicting, I don’t want to watch it. So anyway, podcasts it is, though even then, my mood varies. Sometimes I go for writing-related topics, sometimes political junky venting, and sometimes something new.

So just as I sometimes share Reading Notes, I think I will post a few Listening notes, because I have heard a few podcasts this week that I want to blog about. Stay tuned :).