The ride

When I was young, grocery stores often provided a mechanical cartoonish animal, sometimes a horse or a dragon, that children could ride at the cost of several quarters, perhaps for being good during the trip to the grocery store. While I don’t think I was particularly naughty, I rarely got to indulge because my parentsContinue reading “The ride”

Be skeptical but not cynical.

I fear my country is being harmed by a penchant for dualism—yes, I know you hear that all the time, but I won’t rant about it today. Instead, this is an invitation to tackle the challenges we face as a skeptic but not a cynic. Take voting, for example. Is it reasonable to be skepticalContinue reading “Be skeptical but not cynical.”

Rowing Forward

I am making steady progress, working through revisions of the (currently) 52 scenes of my novel. I’ve been here before. I’ve worked through most of these scenes several times now. Currently, most of the scenes have notes attached to them with changes to make. The final scenes need massive changes, which is a bit dauntingContinue reading “Rowing Forward”

Novel-Writing Meltdown

So the good news is that I am still, on average, on track with my novel. I haven’t written every day, but I have written most days. The not-so-good news but good-that-it’s-over news: I had a meltdown of sorts, a fit of doubt and despair about the novel. None of this makes sense to meContinue reading “Novel-Writing Meltdown”