Second edition, in progress

I have shifted this month from novel-writing to editing my e-book of time management strategies. My first edition of the book was organized in a way that I have decided was not as effective as it should be, especially in e-book format, so I’ve changed the structure and focus considerably for what will be a second edition. I’m nearing the end of my second draft of this re-vision. I am itching to publish the updated version, but I know I need to be patient and work through this book several more times to see what could be improved. Still, I am making progress.

One pleasant effect of revising a book of time management strategies is that it reminds me to “walk the walk,” and I wind up using my time a bit better. On the other hand, December is a tough month. The holidays bring more activities and events, not to mention schedule changes. Snow days can mean the kids are home from school, which usually upends my plans for the day. It seems almost an exercise in irony to spend this month writing about how to boost productivity.

Then again, time management is not about living a perfect life. It’s just about expanding the possibilities.