You are a rock star

Today again I want to blog about one of the affirmations that helped me in the past. I have to admit that this title is actually a G-language version of the actual affirmation. It might help to explain that I was at a point of transition in my life, shifting from one attempted career/life pathContinue reading “You are a rock star”

Relaxed and happy

So one of my oldest affirmations, or perhaps, quasi-affirmation, or well, if I am honest, this was my mission statement in 1994, so I was young, and this sentence is now violating so many grammar rules that I think I will start again. Ahem. One of my oldest affirmations is “Be relaxed and happy likeContinue reading “Relaxed and happy”

Reframe your words to boost success

In my work with college students, I have become a fan of Carol Dweck’s concept of the Growth Mindset. Here’s a youtube video on the subject that I quite like. When all is going well, it may not matter how you tackle your endeavors–a fixed mindset won’t necessarily get in your way. When you faceContinue reading “Reframe your words to boost success”